Welcome to IAATI European Branch

IAATI is the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

This association was founded in the USA in 1952. Since 1989 we have a European Branch with members from 30 countries.


IAATI is a non-profit organization of both public and private professionals. The membership is made up from representatives of serving and retired police-officers, custom officers, insurance companies and their investigators, vehicle rental companies, car leasing companies, members of the vehicle licensing organizations, vehicle manufacturers, lawyers and many others with a legitimate professional interest in vehicle investigation, prevention and education.

Our officers, executive board and various committee chairs are elected from the general membership. Our most effective weapon to combat car crime related offences co-operation between all levels. Members of IAATI are not busy with combating car theft only, but also with other car or heavy equipment related crime.

Through our website and forum members can find other members worldwide. We organize an annual meeting and because we have members in many countries of Europe, every year we select a country to host this seminar. These seminars as well as contact between the members provide the opportunity to network and keep up with the latest developments.


For more information read our about us page.

Arne Knippel
EB-IAATI president

Latest News

15 November 2017

The ring was involved in the theft of at least 85 vehicles with which they…

The Spanish Guardia Civil, supported by the Bulgarian Police, Portuguese Police and Europol, have dismantled an international crime group dedicated to vehicle theft and the illicit trafficking of the vehicles from Spain to Europe. The operation resulted in the arrest of 19 individuals and the investigation…

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13 November 2017

Operation Taurus – Greece and Europol dismantle an organized crime group

The Organized Crime Unit of the Hellenic Police, with the support of Europol, dismantled an organised criminal group engaged in migrant smuggling and document forgery. The organised crime group smuggled illegal migrants by air from Greece to the United Kingdom, using falsified documents. 20 persons have…

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10 November 2017

How gangs are targeting high-value cars in the West Midlands

Organised crime gangs stealing high-value cars to ship abroad or cut up for parts are becoming a "serious problem", a chief constable has said. The spike in offences, which has seen a rise in car-key burglaries and a spree of car-jackings in affluent areas, "has got to a level that's very intimidating",…

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8 November 2017

Spain: inspection of commercial vehicles

Guardia Civil Traffic Police in Murcia intercepted eleven professional drivers under the influence of drugs and two drivers under the influence of alcohol

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6 November 2017

Gardai recover huge amount of stolen power tools at Midlands checkpoint

Gardai have recovered a huge haul of stolen power tools while on patrol at 5am on Saturday morning, November 5. They stopped and searched a vehicle towing a trailer close to Mountmellick, Co. Laois

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29 October 2017

Major international operation dismantles migrant smuggling network

Europol and Eurojust today supported a joint investigation team (JIT), consisting of investigators and judicial authorities from five different EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, the Netherlands and the UK), in dismantling a migrant smuggling network operating across Europe.

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29 October 2017

Croatia: 1,000+ locations used in 24-hour speed control operation

Croatia conducted 24-speed control, from 06,00 am on 18th October till 06,00 on 19th October on the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia.

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23 October 2017

He changed his face, couldn’t dodge cops: How Delhi’s super car thief…

He stole hundreds of cars in the national capital and satellite cities, went under the plastic surgeon’s scalpel five years ago to change his looks and avoid detection, was always armed, and a junkie too

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17 October 2017

Policing in the future involves citizen detectives and a Pokémon Go-like…

How can the police induce citizens to help investigate crime? By trying to make it “cool” and turning it into a game that awards points for hits. At least that is the premise for a “Pokémon-like app called Automon” that cops are developing to get citizens more involved…

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16 October 2017

Kent crime rates on the rise

Crime rates jumped in Kent across nearly all categories in 2016 compared to the previous year.

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