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August 2017

21 August 2017

Stolen pickup explodes outside police houses in Pattani

One of six pickup trucks stolen from a car dealer in Songkhla on Wednesday was fitted with explosives and detonated outside a row of police residences in Pattani early on Thursday.  

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14 August 2017

Countryside crime cost £39m in 2016 says insurers

Rural crime has been estimated to cost the UK £39m, with many farmers feeling "under siege" from thieves. Lincolnshire was the worst-hit English county with a cost of £2.5m, according to a report by NFU Mutual.

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9 August 2017

Honolulu passes legislation to ban pedestrian texting

Look both ways before you cross the street; and if you're in Honolulu, make sure to put away your phone, too. This week, the city became the first major U.S. city to pass legislation targeting texters and other "distracted walkers" as they step off the curb. 

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7 August 2017

Auto-lifting gang busted, stolen vehicles recovered

Agra police made a major breakthrough when they busted an auto-lifting gang involved in several hundred of vehicles theft in the region. Besides arresting over half a dozen members of the gang, cops recovered over a dozen two-wheelers, engines of at least three dozen stolen two wheelers, bodies and other structure of about 50 vehicles along with gadgets…

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4 August 2017

Stolen-car gang right out of luck

SPAIN’S Guardia Civil, collaborating with police colleagues from Austria, France and Portugal, have smashed a gang who were transporting stolen cars from Europe to North Africa.

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