August 2010

22 August 2010

Canada: Report on Organised Crime

Vehicle Theft The number of vehicles stolen across Canada has been decreasing since 2006; however, the proportion of unrecovered vehicles has increased from 30% to 40%, which suggests to law enforcement a possible increase of organized crime theft. Unrecovered vehicles may indicate that these cars are being trafficked. Because the process of trafficking…

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14 August 2010

Europe: Fraud via Electronic Freight Exchange Systems

WARNING TO ALL CARRIERS FRAUD via ELECTRONIC FREIGHT EXCHANGE SYSTEMS The last weeks we have been confronted again with a new wave of fraudulent practices by the use of online freight exchange systems: see our warning dated the 15 March 2010. Unidentified persons try by the use of the name of several carriers in good faith to obtain transport orders…

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14 August 2010

UK: Tractor theft

A man has appeared in court charged with handling a stolen tractor worth £65,000. The John Deere tractor, stolen from Manor Farm, Tixover, Rutland, UK on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 was recovered at the Port of Dover, England on the back of a lorry waiting to board a ferry. The tractor was recovered after a tracker device was activated. Halil Karagol,…

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July 2010

New UK Vehicle Registration Document

28 July 2010

UK: New UK Vehicle Registration Document

The Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) From 15 August 2010 all Vehicle Registration Certificates (V5C) issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will have a new look. The new V5C will make it clear that it is not proof of ownership. It will provide details of where you can get advice on buying a used vehicle.  What is the V5C?…

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OBITUARY - Alan Taylor

24 July 2010

UK: OBITUARY - Alan Taylor

Always a great sadness when one of life's happiest of characters pass over and leave us with a void which seems impossible to fill. The autumn/ fall of 2009 was when Alan was diagnosed with Cancer of the throat, and we all wonder what impact that would have if that news was given to you. Alan decided he was going to live life to the full…

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