Welcome to IAATI European Branch

IAATI is the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators.

This association was founded in the USA in 1952. Since 1989 we have a European Branch with members from 30 countries.


IAATI is a non-profit organization of both public and private professionals. The membership is made up from representatives of serving and retired police-officers, custom officers, insurance companies and their investigators, vehicle rental companies, car leasing companies, members of the vehicle licensing organizations, vehicle manufacturers, lawyers and many others with a legitimate professional interest in vehicle investigation, prevention and education.

Our officers, executive board and various committee chairs are elected from the general membership. Our most effective weapon to combat car crime related offences co-operation between all levels. Members of IAATI are not busy with combating car theft only, but also with other car or heavy equipment related crime.

Through our website and forum members can find other members worldwide. We organize an annual meeting and because we have members in many countries of Europe, every year we select a country to host this seminar. These seminars as well as contact between the members provide the opportunity to network and keep up with the latest developments.


For more information read our about us page.

Arne Knippel
EB-IAATI president

Latest News

18 February 2018

Foreign criminals ‘flown into Ireland to smuggle high-powered stolen…

Foreign criminals are being flown into Ireland to smuggle high-powered stolen cars out of the country, it has been revealed.

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15 February 2018

Digital Tachograph Manipulation Course in Tampere, Finland 30th - 31st…

The joint working group of TISPOL and ECR, named as TWG, is dealing with manipulation on digital tachographs in trucks and busses for passenger transports. For years the members of this TWG are developing strategies how to find those manipulations. They share their knowledge during regular meetings in…

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12 February 2018

Warning over ‘ghost policy’ insurance - which could leave you…

Are you breaking the law every time you get behind the wheel? Thousands of us are, according to police who have issued a warning over cheap insurance deals online. Facebook and Instagram are being used by 'ghost policy' scammers who offer cheap insurance offers which aren't real - leaving…

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8 February 2018

Car theft syndicate busted, all because of a stolen Touch ‘n Go card

SEPANG: Police have crippled a car theft and cloning syndicate – all because a stolen Touch 'n Go card was used. Police arrested eight members of the syndicate, whom they managed to trace after the Touch 'n Go card – which was in an Audi A4 car stolen last year – was used.  

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5 February 2018

Brexit presents new opportunities for organised crime

AN OFT-QUOTED story in Italy tells of a wiretapped conversation between two criminals a few days after the fall of the Berlin Wall. An enterprising boss of the ’Ndrangheta, the Calabrian mafia, was heard telling a subordinate in West Germany to head east and “buy all you find.

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31 January 2018

Spanish thieves caught with cars full of stolen oranges

Seville Police shared photos of two cars and a van overflowing with a combined 4 tons of stolen oranges.

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28 January 2018

In fortress Delhi, 137 vehicles stolen within 24 hours

At a time when the police claimed that nearly 50,000 security personnel were deployed on the streets of Delhi ensure a safe and smooth Republic Day, 137 vehicles, including cars and two-wheelers, were reported stolen within a span of 24 hours.

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25 January 2018

Future Cars Might Be Mirrorless, Using Cameras and AI Tech To Navigate…

Self-driving cars are already asking people to put AI systems in control of their vehicles. Now, Mitsubishi wants to rid its new cars of one of the last relics of the past: the rear-view mirror.

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22 January 2018

Ireland – ‘Operation Enable’ Court Convictions

On 5 January, in the Dublin District Court, seven motorists were convicted of offences involving fraudulent use of disabled parking permits. The offences were detected in recent months as part of ‘Operation Enable’ an ongoing initiative to tackle permit misuse, launched last year by Irish…

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18 January 2018

Four stolen vehicles recovered thanks to proactive policing teams

North Yorkshire Police have recovered four stolen vehicles over the past two days thanks to its proactive policing teams. On the morning of 15 January 2018, officers received a report that flat-bed truck had been stolen from Nelson in Lancashire and the vehicle’s tracker showed it to be in the…

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