Membership renewal 2020

Renewal instructions !

Hello dear IAATI-EB members.

We have a new website we also changed the way how to renew your membership.

Go to :
Please fill in the e-mail address you used on the old website, complete and send
You will receive a confirmation in your mailbox and a link how to reset your password

You may choose your own password
After you reset your password you login in your own account in the member area
When you have access to your account, please update your personal data and renew your membership for 2020
As soon as we receive your payment, we will renew your membership.

You are responsible for your own profile, so if anything change, please change your profile on the European and International website.

Access to the European website is:
Access to the International website is:

We hope you will renew your membership a.s.a.p.

Maybe you know persons who are interested in the IAATI membership. If so, please tell them to go to our website, signup and follow the sign up instructions.

Best regards

Hans Kooijman
Chairman membership committee IAATI-EB