July 2011

28 July 2011

Japan: Quake-affected vehicles stolen and smuggled overseas

In the days following the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, the absence of looters in the disaster-ravaged areas was viewed with amazement by the rest of the world. However, more than four months after the quake and tsunami ravaged northeast Japan, investigations have begun into allegations that unscrupulous individuals have been exporting affected…

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21 July 2011

UK: Police defend vehicle crime record

MORE than nine out of every ten car crimes in Surrey, including thefts from vehicles and stolen cars, result in nobody being punished. Figures released by the Home Office show the so-called sanction detection rate relating to thefts from vehicles stands at only 4% in the county. The sanction detection rate is the percentage of crimes for which someone…

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18 July 2011

Philippines: Philippines asks US: How did stolen cars, bikes get out?

The Philippine government has sought the help of the United States in curbing the “worsening situation” of stolen cars from the US being smuggled into the country, citing the case of alleged car smuggler Lynard Allan Bigcas. Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez has written US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano asking for documents…

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9 July 2011

Australia: Luxury sports car thieves following motorists home in new Sydney crime trend

THIEVES are following luxury sports car owners home, breaking in as they sleep and stealing their keys - and the car - in Sydney's newest crime trend. Police have urged sports car owners to increase their home security following a spate of thefts, which have put the cars into the hands of criminal gangs. Police have also launched a major investigation…

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3 July 2011

Malaysia: Car Theft Ring Smashed

BANTING: Police have smashed the biggest car theft syndicate in two years after seizing 98 cars worth RM8mil from a warehouse here. Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin confirmed that the warehouse, which has bee n operating since June last year, had shipped off some 462 ca rs worth RM49mil. Comm Bakri said the group's modus operandi…

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