October 2013

29 October 2013 | HANCOCK, Barry

USA -  New Police Technology Fires GPS Tracking Device At Vehicles During Car Chases

Car chases used to be extremely dangerous for those involved but almost exciting for those watching the live broadcast at home, as there was always a chance that the criminal could outsmart the police and potentially slip away. With new technology, both the danger and the excitement may be eliminated. A company called StarChase has developed what it…

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27 October 2013

UK - 10% of Brits Consider Making False Insurance Claim

The latest survey performed by MoneySupermarket revealed that 10% of Brits affected by the recession consider making a fraudulent claim to their insurance company. Of the 4.3 million people who consider committing a fraud, 780,000 people have already done so at least once in the past 5 years. The study found that the vast majority of fraudsters lives…

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27 October 2013

PAKISTAN - Islamabad police recover 96 stolen vehicles

ISLAMABAD: With the help of the mobile verification system introduced recently by the Islamabad police, a total of 96 stolen vehicles have been recovered. These vehicles had been stolen from various districts of the country. Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sikandar Hayat, Islamabad Assistant Inspector General of Police Operations (AIG) Dr…

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19 October 2013

US - U.S. agents seek luxury cars stolen by alleged ring of Dominicans

Santo Domingo.- U.S. Customs and other federal agents search for luxury autos stolen by an alleged ring headed by two Dominicans arrested on Tuesday in New York, elnacional.com.do reports Friday, citing sources. Among the vehicles sought nationwide figure Mercede- Benz and Cadillac, owned by American car rental companies, obtained by the suspect with…

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17 October 2013

UK - Police war on burglars and car thieves in Sheffield

Police are making 10 arrests a day in a crackdown on burglary and car crimes in Sheffield. Operation K2 was launched on October 1 and 105 arrests have been made so far – with daily raids planned. Officers have also seized £1.3 million worth of drugs, cars, suspected stolen property and cash. Police chiefs mounted the operation to try to…

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