January 2014

30 January 2014

BULGARIA - Insurance Companies: Car Thefts in Bulgaria Up 50% in 2013

Car thefts in Bulgaria are on the rise according to data of the insurance companies. In a letter to the Deputy PM Daniela Bobeva and the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria, representatives of the major insurance companies claim that in 2013, car thefts in Bulgaria have grown by 50% and urged the government to take measures for…

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29 January 2014

UK- Sunderland gang stole £1m of car parts from Nissan the sold them on eBay

Using inside men at Washington car manufacturer Nissan, the gang stole expensive car parts them flogged them online A professional gang stole up to £1m of car parts from Nissan then flogged them on eBay. Using inside men who worked for Nissan and firms linked to the Washington car manufacturer, the crooks helped themselves to expensive parts.…

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21 January 2014

UK - £3m of stolen property seized in police operation

Police have recovered stolen property valued over £3million from criminals who are intent on causing misery to South Yorkshire residents and motorists. Fishing tackle, quad bikes, jewellery, building materials and a lorry carrying a crane are just some of the more unusual items seized by officers since the launch of Operation Lockdown in October…

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7 January 2014

Uzbekistan Props Up Stolen Car Claims Against Tajikistan

Customs officials in Uzbekistan say they have stopped 20 luxury cars stolen in Europe from transiting to neighboring Tajikistan over the past year. The vehicles, including BMWs and Range Rovers, are worth approximately $1.5 million, the State Customs Committee said in a January 4 statement. Tajik citizens had shipped the cars by rail from the Baltic…

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6 January 2014 | HANCOCK, Barry

RUSSIA - Traffic police use CCTV to prevent thefts

Hoping to eliminate car theft in Russia, traffic police have installed a new system of real-time camera surveillance that can send an alarm signal to police if a car deviates from one of its usual routes. The system, called Spider Web (Pautina in Russian), is an analytical computer program that processes road traffic information from CCTV cameras. The…

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