August 2014

29 August 2014

CANADA - Police seize $2.3M in stolen high-end cars in international bust

TORONTO – Eight people were arrested and $2.3 million in luxury cars retrieved after early morning raids dealt a blow, police say, to an international car theft ring. The Toronto Police Service, along with Canadian Border Services Agends and police officers from York, Halton, Peel, Niagara executed more than 30 raids Thursday morning in homes,…

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28 August 2014

203 stolen motorcycles siezed in police swoop on Bangalore gang

The ring leader of the gang Yogaraj had accumulated wealth including four residential sites and half an acre of land. A gang of five motorcycle thieves involved in the theft of 203 motorcycles in Bangalore over the last five years have been arrested by the JJ Nagar police. A former broker at a Regional Transport Office (RTO) who accumulated huge assets…

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27 August 2014

US - Car theft gangs target “soft” rental facilities

Car theft is a fruitful field of opportunity for today’s criminals as they seek new and innovative ways for gaining quick profits. Recent reports indicate that prior to committing theft, organized car-theft gangs are doing their homework. They are targeting specific car rental facilities, conducting exhaustive site-studies of the facilities to…

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26 August 2014

SA - Vehicle crime: SA’s R8,5-billion problem

A staggering R8,5 billion worth of vehicles are stolen in SA annually. Almost 30% are taken across the border to neighbouring countries where syndicates are making huge profits and South Africans are footing the bill In a recent presentation to business leaders, CEO of the South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB), Hugo van Zyl, spelled out the reality…

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25 August 2014 | LEUTEMANN, Soenke

Allegedly cheap vehicle-dealer from UK – attention: FAKE

We have been informed by one of our German members that on the website: http://www.europeanvehiclesales.com the complete offer or vehicles of a reliable German dealer has been copied and forged by the specifications of the following, allegedly British, vehicle dealer:  European Vehicle Sales LIMITED Sandtoft Industrial Estate, Sandtoft Road DN9…

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