January 2015

28 January 2015

WalesOnline Film fan’s car ‘Taken’ apart by thieves while she watched, um, Taken 3

Both bumpers and side panels were stripped from Fran McLoughlin's Fiesta in the Bridgend Designer Outlet car park...

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27 January 2015

From carjacking to carhacking: computerised vehicles are more vulnerable than ever

Theft of vehicles is about as old as the notion of transport – from horse thieves to carjackers. No longer merely putting a brick through a window, vehicle thieves have continually adapted to new technology, as demonstrated by a new method to steal a car without the need to be anywhere near it.

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26 January 2015

Stolen cars from Turkey reinforce extremists in Syria

Figures from the Gendarmie and National Police find that 2,000 vehicles stolen from Turkey, mostly pick-up trucks and minivans, have been smuggled ...

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26 January 2015

VIN Cloning: How Thieves Can Steal Your Car’s Identity

(NEW YORK) — Every year there are 700,000 car thefts in the United States, according to the FBI. Experts say many of those stolen cars are chopped up and sold for parts, but there’s another way of selling a stolen car that’s even more profitable for car thieves.

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23 January 2015

LATVIA: Thieves’ favourite car brands of 2014

Compared to 2013, the number of hijacked cars had increased in 2014. The total estimated value of stolen cars reached EUR 6.98 million.

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