August 2015

31 August 2015

Gang tells residents: Pay up or your car will be stolen

Dublin gang is threatening terrified residents that their cars will be damaged if they do not pay a €50 "protection fee" every day in what has been branded as a "blatant extortion racket".

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28 August 2015

Call for Nominations IAATI Awards

Call for Nominations IAATI Awards - reminder Dear European Branch Member In 2015 European Branch will organize the IAATI Training Seminar in Riga from 21.October– 23.October 2015. During the Seminar we will be holding our annual awards ceremony. If you wish to nominate anyone or know of any possible candidates please submit the nominations to…

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28 August 2015

Next-Gen Car-Theft Tactics Are New Model for Criminals

The ethical debate over cloning has been going on for decades before and since Dolly the sheep in 1996, though who could've ever foreseen that someday humans would start cloning cars? But that's what's happening ... well, sort of.

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27 August 2015 | LEUTEMANN, Soenke

Fiat Chrysler Issues Recall Over Hacking

WASHINGTON — When the call came to officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, they knew they had a problem they had never faced but had long feared. On the line was Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with news that two technology researchers had hacked wirelessly into a Jeep Cherokee, through its dashboard connectivity system. They had…

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27 August 2015

Car theft victims could be coughing up more than £130,000 a year in Runcorn and Widnes

ictims of car theft in Runcorn and Widnes could be forking out £134,000 or more a year to have their vehicles released from being impounded. A Freedom Of Information (FOI) request by the Weekly News revealed that motorists are charged a standard fee of £150 to retrieve their stolen vehicles.

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