February 2016

29 February 2016

TISPOL publishes its 2015 Annual Report

TISPOL has released its 2015 Annual Report, which measures the organisation against the clear criteria set out in its three year strategic plan published in January 2015.

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26 February 2016

Range Rover the most stolen car

The Range Rover Sport was the most stolen and recovered vehicle in 2015 thanks to keyless entry and ignition systems, according to a new report. The 4x4 worth from £62,000 to over £84,000 managed to knock the BMW X5 worth £44,500 to over £65,000 off the number one spot which it had held for six years. It’s a risky time…

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25 February 2016

Lehigh County authorities announce auto theft prevention campaign

ALLENTOWN — In the cold winter months, it's a bad habit for many vehicle owners to leave their car running and unattended while they tend to other matters. It's not only against the law, but it's like laying out bait for a car thief, Lehigh County authorities said.

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23 February 2016

NSW police seize stolen cars and forklifts

Stolen cars, forklifts and engines have been seized by police who say they have cracked a car re-birthing factory.

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16 February 2016

2nd Interpol Global Conference on Vehicle crime

 BANGKOK, Thailand – The growing links between cybercrime and organized vehicle crime was the focus of an INTERPOL conference which brought together experts from law enforcement and the private sector.

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