April 2016

29 April 2016

UPDATE: Police link ‘stolen’ car to Sheffield firearm incident

Police have this afternoon confirmed that a stolen car is believed to have been used in one of the incidents involving firearms that took place on Sheffield's streets on Tuesday.

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27 April 2016

105 held and 8 stolen cars recovered in weekend police exercise

Police have recovered seven stolen vehicles and arrested 105 people during an anti-crime operation in the Southern Division between 6 pm on Thursday and 6 am yesterday.

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25 April 2016

Police making efforts to restore stolen vehicles to rightful owners

In all, 3,434 motorcycles of different types have been stolen in city in the last five years. The accused are vagabonds, students, and rag-pickers. The modus operandi of the accused is to dismantle the vehicles and sell the parts at a lesser price.

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21 April 2016

44 people arrested for selling stolen cars in Morocco in Spain

the National Police have dismantled a specialized in stealing vehicles in Spain and sold whole or in pieces in Morocco in an operation who have been arrested 44 people and recovered 77 cars organization many of them when were to be shipped in the port of Algeciras (Cádiz).

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18 April 2016

Organized crime networks targeted in INTERPOL-coordinated operation in Tri-Border area

Guns, drugs and stolen cars were seized during an INTERPOL-coordinated operation targeting organized crime networks in the tri-border area between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, which also saw the arrest of a fugitive wanted for murder. Throughout the operation, the first of its kind involving all three countries, more than 300 officers were deployed…

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