October 2016

31 October 2016

Gardai Seize 25 Stolen And Uninsured Cars A Week From Ballyfermot Estate

Gardai are seizing up to 25 stolen and uninsured cars each week from a housing estate in Ballyfermot.

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28 October 2016

Tweet leads to recovery of stolen car

A high value car stolen from Rugeley last month has been recovered thanks to a vigilant member of the public who alerted police to its location.  

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26 October 2016

Finland: heavy good vehicle control operation

Police conducted a special control operation last week, focusing on heavy traffic. Officers detected 270 violations of driving times and rest periods.

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25 October 2016

Smart car is No1 target for thieves

FOR the third year in a row, the Smart Fortwo city car has been revealed as the most stolen car in France – with one in eight owners having their cars stolen.  

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24 October 2016

Uganda: Police Use Text Messages to Curb Car Theft

Kampala — Five years ago, when thieves stole a car they would drive it to a garage, dismantle it then alter the chassis and engine number. They would join parts of different vehicles of the same type and sell it to unsuspecting buyer.

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