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2012 IAATI European Branch Training Seminar

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Date:26 Sep 2012 to 28 Sep 2012
Location:Bratislava, Slovakia

for IAATI Members

IAATI Members & Law Enforcement. Paid before 15th August


for IAATI Members

IAATI Members & Law Enforcment. Paid after 15th August


Non IAATI Members & Non Law Enforcment. Paid before 15th August


Non IAATI Members and Non Law Enforemnet. Paid after 15th August.

European Branch will be holding their 2012 Training Seminar in Bratislava, Slovakia from the evening of 26th September 2012 until Friday 28th September 2012.

The Seminar will be held at the Crowne Plaza, Bratislava.

The Full Program and a Workshop Overview has now been released.

Details of the Partner Program are now available.

Useful information for the IAATI-EB seminar 26 – 28 September 2012

Seminar Booking

Please fill in the form and follow instructions for sending it to the seminar committee.
Fees are:

IAATI Members and Law Enforcement - € 200 for the early birds (booking plus payment before 15th July) and
€ 250 (before 15 August) or € 300 (after 15 August).

Non IAATI Members and Non Law Enforcement - € 300 for the early birds (booking plus payment before 15th July) and
€ 350 (before 15 August) or € 400 (after 15 August). 

So please make your booking A.S.A.P.


The seminar will be held in Crown Plaza hotel, Bratislava. The hotel is situated right next to the beautiful historic city. Please see the link to the E-brochure, you can find very useful information there:

Participants must book their hotel themselves. This should be done via this link:

Or by the Hotel Reservation Form which should be completed and emailed to:

Please take note of the rules about reservation, payment and cancellation policy in the Hotel Reservation Form.

The prices for the hotel are a special deal for the seminar; of course, participants may choose to stay elsewhere


To travel to Bratislava by plane you can choose between the airports of Bratislava or Vienna, Schwechat. Check the different possibilities and prices from your home airport to both. It is easy to travel from Vienna to Bratislava; these two capitals are just 6o km distance apart.

The transportation from Bratislava airport is by taxi or public transportation - bus lines 61 and 96.

If you travel to Vienna, you can take either a taxi or public transportation to Bratislava.
Taxi’s cost about € 60 – 70, so if you share a taxi with someone……
Bus lines to Bratislava are – Blaguss and Slovak lines. Check prices and possibilities at

Crown-plaza hotel also has a taxi service that can assist you.
The rates of the hotel taxi service are on the reservation form.

Partner Program

Paying partners are welcome to the President’s Reception, Lunch on Friday and the Dinner.

There will also be a tour, including lunch, on Thursday 27th. The schedule is:

Bratislava – Little Carpathians

09:00  meet in the hotel lobby
Old Town Walking Tour 
Originally a Celtic settlement and later a Roman military outpost, thanks to its strategic     location on the Danube River and on major trade routes, Bratislava later became a
major commercial, religious, and political center and was even the capital of Hungary for about two centuries after Buda was captured by the Ottomans.
In the Old Town area you will see the Main Square with the Old Town Hall (now housing the City Museum), which was once part of the coronation route of the Hungarian kings.  Also in the Old Town, you will see some houses dating back to the period of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as the Primate’s Palace and the former palace of the Archbishop of Esztergom – renown for its beautiful 17th-century English tapestries. Located just below the castle, you may step briefly inside the Gothic St. Martin’s Cathedral. This is one of the finest and oldest churches in the city and was the site of the coronation of Austro-Hungarian emperors and empresses in the 17th – 18th centuries. Its spire dominates the Old Town’s skyline and was once part of the city’s fortifications. You will also walk along the Slovak National Theatre and the seat of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra.

10:30  After Old Town walking tour travel into the vintner ’s villages and towns which are
           nestled on the foothills of the Little Carpathians.

11:00  Visit the Red Stone Castle, built on a steep rock overlooking the village of Častá.
           Made by the wealthy Fugger’s family it served not only as a fortress but  a safe store
            with a sophisticated ventilation system. See an exhibition of historical  furniture,  
            interior accessories and arms.

12:30  Continue to Modra and Pezinok, old free royal towns with a long artisan and wine-  
           making tradition. Visit Pezinok, important wine growing centre of the Little Carpathian
           Wine Region. 

13:00  Lunch with the wine tasting in the family owned winery VINUM GALERIA BOZEN
            which produces wines  by traditional  methods, using classical and modern

15:00  Return to Bratislava.



Workshop Overview

Description of the proposed workshops for the 2012 IAATI European Branch Training Seminar


Seminar Booking Form

2012 IAATI European Branch Training Seminar Booking Form


Full Program

Program for the 2012 IAATI European Branch Training Seminar


Hotel Booking Form

Booking Form for the Crown Plaza Hotel, Bratislava


Useful Information

Useful Information for Seminar Attendees



Wednesday 26th - Arrival of Participants   
16.00 - 18.00  -  Seminar Registration  
18.00 - 21.00  -  President's Reception   


Thursday 27th

08.00 - 08.45  -  Seminar Registration   

09.00 - 09.30  -  Opening Welcome,

                           Barry Hancock, IAATI-EB President

                           John O'Byrne,IAATI International President
                           IRIS IDENT
                           Local Authorites
                          General explanation of the program, Hans Kooijman, Seminar Chairman

09.30 - 10.00  -  Update vehicle crime world-wide, Renato Schipani, Interpol

10.00 - 10.30  -  Coffee Break  

10.30 - 12.15  -  General Session

                          Vehicle Crime in Sk NCB Bratislava
                          Role of IRIS IDENT  IRIS IDENT
                          Presentation by main sponsors. Gold Sponsor - Lo-Jack & Silver Sponsor - Regula

12.15 - 13.15  -  Lunch  1

13.15 - 14.15  -  Workshops 1    a)  Harley (1) 
                                                     b)  What keys can tell  (7) 
                                                     c)  Website  (6) 

 14.30 - 15.30  -  Workshops 2   a)  Harley (1) 
                                                     b)  Identification (9) 
                                                     c)  True or False (5) 

15.30 - 16.00  -  Coffee Break 

16.00 - 17.00  -  Workshops 3    a)  What keys can tell (7) 
                                                     b)  Identification (9) 
                                                     c)  True or false (5)

17.30 - 18.00  -  IAATI EB AGM  

19.00 - Late    -  Banquet   


Friday 28th

08.30 - 09.15  -  Workshops 4    a)  Norwegian case (4) ) 
                                                     b)  Analyses (2)
                                                     c)  VINexpert (8)

09.15 - 10.00  -  Workshops 5     a)  24Wanted (10) 
                                                      b)  Analyses (2) 
                                                      c)  VINexpert (8)

10.00 - 10.45  -  Coffee Break 

10.45 - 13.00  -  General Session

                           Vehicle registration in Sk 
                           The E- Call project and stolen or suspect cars, Roman Rak

                           The Changing face of Vehicle Crime, Chris Vargyas - SBD Ltd  
                           Round up, conclusions, closing Hans Kooijman

13.00 - 14.00  -  Lunch  

Departure of participants   





Workshop 1: Harley

Harley-Davidson's identification numbers, where are they placed, what information can they give etc. Trademark definition: what makes a Harley-Davidson a Harley Davidson?  This has an impact on insurance and liability issues and not to forget market value! “Cloning” of bikes and other attempts to “build” a Harley-Davidson. Marius Iversen, service operations manager of H-D Europe explains.

Workshop 2: Analyses

Marko Melender of Fennia Insurance Company takes you into the world of fighting vehicle crime with the help of analyses. Insurers have particular skills and make use of them to detect insurance fraud. 

Workshop 4: Norwegian Cases

The Norwegian Police want to share spectacular information with you. Content will be available soon.

Workshop 5: True or False?

Is the VIN you have in your hands correct or incorrect, does it belong to the vehicle documents? Does the set of documents belong to each other? Are they genuine? And what about the number plates, etc. etc.? Your knowledge will not only be tested in this workshop, but you will discuss with trainers and colleagues why the conclusion should be that the objects you see are genuine or falsified.

Workshop 6: Website

The IAATI website is a source of information for members. The Request for Help forum really helps to find traces of the car you are looking for and to gather the information you need about documents, procedures and other matters in countries of other IAATI members. Barry Hancock gives you a chance in this workshop to improve your use of the website and forum. Useful for all members to ask their questions and share their experiences.

Workshop 7: what the keys can tell you

Keys of modern cars contain lots of useful information that help you to investigate cases of theft. What is in them, what is hidden, how can you read a key and who can help you to find out more? Information about car theft, given by clients can be verified if only you know how. This is what the workshop is about. Useful and practical.

Workshop 8: VINexpert, not only for VIN decoding

VINexpert was originally developped for the e-Call project. But it has more functionality than simple VIN-decoding. It can be a tool for forensic experts or an independent VIN quality assurance module, connected to customer IT applications for many purposes. Live demonstration, by Roman Rak.

Workshop 9: Identification

Identification is the basis of the work for most IAATI members. Take the opportunity to know more about vehicle identification. Specialists will tell you more and will show how it works.

Workshop 10: 24Wanted

The international database for LEA, non-LEA, business and private. It has information about high-value items that have been stolen, are missing or have restrictions on the transfer of ownership. Get information and answers to your requests for assistance from other users rapidly. Want to know more: this workshop tells you everything.

Main Sponsors

LoJack Corporation

Silver Sponsors

Regula Baltija Ltd

Bronze Sponsors

AR-Control (Moscow, Russia)


Hotel Reservations for the Seminar should be made direct via this link: