October 2018

29 October 2018

Arrest made as stolen car ‘chop shop’ uncovered in Laois

Gardaí have sealed off premises on the Laois Kildare border which its believed was operating as an organised crime 'chop shop' for stolen cars. A man, who is aged in his early 30s but not local, was arrested on Thursday morning, October 24 in the Ballylinan area of east Laois on the Castlecomer road.

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17 October 2018

Thieves are stealing Honda airbags and reselling them on the black market

In the past, car thieves have gone for unattended items, radio head units, and even the car itself. Now they’re going for airbags. According to a report by USA Today, there has been a recent spike in airbag thefts in many major markets around the country. The airbags, which can sell for over $1,000 a piece on the black market, are being stolen…

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6 October 2018

Edmonton police bust vehicle VIN cloning scam, recover $500,000 in property

A man who scrimped and saved $20,000 to buy himself a new truck is now making payments on a vehicle he no longer owns, after it was caught up in a vehicle cloning operation busted by city police.

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1 October 2018

Call for EU infrastructure safety rules to be extended beyond main motorways

A coalition of safety groups, traffic police, cyclists, transport workers and the road sector are calling on the European Parliament to back a proposal to extend the scope of EU road infrastructure safety rules to cover all primary roads in Europe, and to incorporate the needs of cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists in the implementation of the rules.

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