November 2018

30 November 2018

No-deal Brexit will leave both UK and EU at greater risk of crime and terrorism, security minister to say

Security minister Ben Wallace will admit that the country's safety will be placed in jeopardy by no-deal Brexit in a speech to law enforcement and security leaders.  

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22 November 2018

Why YOUR keyless car could be gone in 23 seconds

It’s a crimewave reaching epidemic proportions and the gadgets used to hack into your car and steal it are being sold to thieves by High Street locksmiths

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19 November 2018

Investigation: Carjackers making just £200 for every stolen Audi, BMW and Ford

Carjackers and thieves hacking key security systems are being paid as little as £200 for the high-end vehicles they are stealing, a BirminghamLive investigation has revealed.

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16 November 2018

VW now lets Apple users unlock their cars with Siri

VW announced on Monday that its smartphone app now supports Siri commands for Apple users. Notably, Apple users can now unlock and lock their Volkswagen with a Siri voice command.

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5 November 2018

Police warning as Ford Fiestas are stolen and stripped for parts

A certain make and model of car is being stripped of parts or stolen in what is becoming a crime wave. Police in one region have warned Ford Fiesta owners because the cars are being targeted there due to their new automatic key-less unlocking system.

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